Orders for our Pet Birds are only available through Mick & Ann. Talk to us today to obtain pricing as these birds are seasonal and not available for order via our Website. It is important to ensure that you have done your research and you are purchasing the right type of Pet Bird for you and your family. Ring us on 0419 349 441.

Our Cockatiels are Fully Flighted and fly to you, very friendly, love to be with you, DNA sex (male or female), Hand Raised. We do wing clipping if required, Bird Boarding.

COCKATIELS Hand Raised - DNA Sexed

  • If you require the Complete Package, Mick & Ann will provide pricing for you. If you want a specific Cockatiel variety and colour please ask as we are happy to help you get the Bird and package of your choice..

    COCKATIEL, Bird Cage, Bird Stand, Toys & Accessories, Bird Seed and Delivery to your door! 

    Pricing available.


  • We are only a message away to providing you answers if you have any queries!

    Thank you Mick & Ann.

Pet Birds & Parrots

0419 349 441

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