TummyRite is a Nutritional Digestion Aid for good health and wellbeing for all Birds. Excellent mixture of traditional herbs, enzymes, yeast, prebiotics, amino acids, carotenoids, vitamins and trace minerals, optional calcium and electrolytes and comes in 500g, 900g, 2kg, 4.5kg & 20kg. It is available now for all Parrots, Budgies, Pigeons, Canaries, Finches as per the pictures below.

TummyRite for Parrot's & Lorikeets 500gram

  • This is a new and innovative approach to bird care and well being, created by an Animal Nutritional doctor, well known within the animal and AQUACULTURE world. 
    TummyRite usage is 20gm to 1kg of seed, it goes a long way. TummyRite Plus usage is 50gm to 1 kg of seed.

    People ask why the TummyRite PLUS product is cheaper per item than the TummyRite Standard product. The reason is simple. TummyRite PLUS products contain additional Calcium and Electrolyte products and is specifically designed for bird breeders who are not supplementing extra calcium to their birds, either through the feed or through the water. These extra calcium and electrolyte ingredients have a cheaper unit cost than the other ingredient components in TummyRite Standard. Also the inclusion rate of TummyRite Standard is only 20g/kg of seed or soft food or sprouted grain compared to TummyRite PLUS inclusion rate of 50g/kg. At this inclusion rate the TummyRite PLUS delivers the same amount of TummyRite Standard plus extra calcium and electrolytes daily to the birds.

  • We will provide all pricing for Interstate deliveries of this product, outside Melbourne. Pricing varies due to weight and postcode throughout Australia. Contact us prior to ordering for a price or once you have ordered this product to confirm freight costs.